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Printing in New York

Digital World Solutions, Inc.

The imagePRESS C7010VP is the next generation Digital Colour Press, fusing the efficiency and versatility of digital technology with amazing image quality that looks and feels like offset production. Innovative technology helps us achieve consistent, vivid colored output on a wide range of media up to 350 gsm without compromising productivity. Your Postcards, Business Cards, Brochures, Reports, etc. will look vibrant and​improve your presentation.

Manage your highest printing demands, from simple CAD drawings in B&W to complex color images, with speed and quality. Optimized for your industry  From architecture to retail to education, we can help you narrow down your choices based your specific poster printing needs.

Impact creasing evolved because of the growing digital market, and the difficulty in finishing their printed material. Impact creasing significantly reduces cracking of digitally-printed substrates during the finishing process

The VividCoater XDC-Micro™ is a low maintenance, ultra-violet cured coating system that produces a high quality finish to the printed sheet. By producing richer and more vibrant colours on digitally or offset printed pieces the VividCoater XDC-Micro™ offers the on-demand print market the opportunity to have more effective and expressive printed products at a very low cost per page.

We provide a comprehensive array of reprographic services that help you optimize the use and maximize the value of printed material in any environment.

Our reprographic services will increase your productivity and efficiency by choosing the proper production resources for your documents, reducing waste and supporting your objectives for the appropriate use of print for your projects.

The digital temperature readout tells you the precise temperature of the top and bottom nip rollers, while the versatile DUO System runs thermal and PSA films, making it perfect for paper stocks, porous materials, non-porous synthetic stocks, floor graphics, decals, signage, etc.

With lamination speed up to 12 feet per minutes, this wide format laminator will efficiently and consistently produce beautiful results. We want you completely satisfied with your purchase

Our Film has been designed and developed for On-Demand digital prints. Because it "always stick to all prints" technology offering superior adhesion to Xerox®, Kodak®, Canon® and most other hard to stick to toner based digital output.

Digital print compatible lamination films that adhere to any offset, ink jet or print engines using waxes or fuser oils.  One film covers all print applications